5 Guaranteed Strategies To Make Your Child An A-Grade Student


All parents want their child to succeed and be top of the class in their subjects, but this does not happen by accident. Transforming your child from an average student to a top A-Grade student requires dedication and specific strategies in order to ensure your child becomes a top performer in school. Not all parents are aware of these guaranteed strategies, but we want to share them with you because we believe every child should have a fair chance of achieving success. Here are the best strategies that will boost your child’s academic performance in school.


(1)  Set Study Expectations

After school, set study expectations. These study expectations can be as simple as doing ten questions set by you (the parent) or by their tutor. This will enable you to spot weaknesses in their knowledge. At the end of each term get your child to complete a mock paper. This will ensure that they stay on top of their knowledge and sharpen their understanding of the topics in the syllabus.


(2)  Create a designated study area

Setting a designated study in the house specifically for homework and revision helps greatly in getting your child’s mindset in gear to learn and take in information. It also contributes to creating an environment for learning with no limitations or distractions. This does not need to be in the dining area or even in a study room. Designating the kitchen as ‘off limits’ for study between a certain time during the week is just as effective as long as you maintain consistency, check in every hour on your child during study time and ensure that they see this location as sacred when it comes to study time.


(3)  Hire a Tutor

Problem areas usually start early. Nip them in the bud by hiring a private tutor. This enables your child to lay their difficulties out on the table and tackle them one by one in a comfortable setting. It’s important to tackle it head on before it grows and potentially affects their confidence during their academic career. By hiring a tutor they can clearly lay out a plan for your child that will set them on the road to academic success.  


(4)  Perform an end of day review

At the end of each school day, encourage your child to tell to you what they learnt in school. This will also enable them to retain more of the lesson. This in turn will give them the confidence to communicate to you what they understand and what they found difficult in school. You can also confirm this feedback with their teachers to find out their strengths and weaknesses.


(5)  Use the holidays to catch-up

Not only are holidays for relaxation, holidays can be put to great use in catching up and refining all that has been learnt throughout the school year. They are a great time to deal with any knowledge gaps your child may have - knowledge gaps which will need to be filled or else your child may be at a disadvantage when the new school year starts. Hiring a tutor during the holidays is very important so they are continually challenged. Due to the large amount of time at the child’s disposal. They can also get a head-start and become familiar with the topics being introduced in the next academic year.